Stay in Style and Keep Your Money: How to Buy Used Rolex Watches

There is nothing more classic than a Rolex watch —they are synonymous with taste and wealth and fine enough to be to be fought over in inheritance battles. A Rolex is something James Bond or the President of the United States would wear. Jennifer McMackon here will help you select a fine Rolex at a good price.

The value of a Rolex is not just sentimental. A new Rolex retails in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Some argue that there is no comparison to a new Rolex—but is a new Rolex really that much better than a used one?

Rolexes are a poor short term investment. They are like a new car, the minute you buy a brand new Rolex and slap it on your wrist the watch depreciates in value by thousands of dollars. The exception to this trend is some models become rare vintage collector items and appreciate in value as they get older, but that takes a long time and doesn’t apply to all Rolexes.

Lightly used preowned Rolex watches look just as good and perform just as well as new Rolex watches. Because of the steep depreciation rate you can find used Rolexes for much cheaper than a new Rolex—the trick is to know where to look.

A storefront watch dealer is not the place to go to buy used Rolex watches. They will try to sell you the used watch for more than it is worth and they are not very susceptible to negotiation.

This is why you go online. You will have more options and vendors competing for your business, getting you a better deal. The only drawback to buying online is you have to pay for shipping, but this will be a drop in the bucket compared to your savings.



Home Remodeling in Boca Raton: What to Buy and Where to Buy It

There are many reasons to remodel your home. You may be looking to sell your home and you want to increase the value before you put it on the market—or maybe there is one big project you have always planned on doing but never got around to, an extended porch topped with tiki torches to match the craning palm trees or a screened-in swimming pool as a defense against the sweltering mosquito-laced Florida summers. Jennifer McMackon Designer can guide you through what you need to survive in Boca.

Residential Renovation Boca Raton

Home Remodeling in Boca Raton

Local retail stores offer everything you need for home remodeling in Boca Raton, FL—they have more options for paint at these places than you can even process. A quick browse through the plastic card sample wheels is a great way to find inspiration for a new coat of paint to your home, inside or out.

Air conditioning is a must for Boca Raton, even with the Atlantic breeze. If you are on a budget, small 5000 BTU window units can be found for $150 – $250. The sacrifice to this cheap cost is these window units can only cool 100 – 200 square feet— a central AC unit that effectively controls the temperature of an entire house will cost at least $800.

Replace your Old Windows

To retain that cool air you may want to replace your old windows. Modern windows are made with new technologies like heat reflective tint and argon gas stuffed in the space between the two window panes for extra insulation. Windows replacements are energy efficient and eventually pay for themselves in savings on heating and air.

There is another trick to home remodeling in Boca Raton. All of these products and appliances in retail stores can usually be found for cheaper online or direct from a manufacturer. Be sure to not to purchase anything at a retail store until you check online to see if you can get a better deal there first.

How Much Should You Spend on Window Treatments

I was looking out my window when I noticed that even though I have an amazing view of the Ocean, my windows where pretty much empty. My friend Natalie, another interior designer, works for a company that specializes in window treatments in Miami, so I asked for her opinion. I wanted to go to Marshall’s and buy cheap window treatments, but my friend convinced me to go check them out.

Window Treatments  Miami

When I arrived, I was amazed by the selection of window treatments they had. I looked at a few drapes which were really high quality. I finally decided to go to Marshall’s and see what they had. In truth, I was disappointed to see the quality was not even close to what they were offering in Attico Concepts. I loved the Venetian Blinds and Interior Shutters combinations. I decided to go back to Attico and decided to spend on quality blinds.

I designed a beautiful window treatment combination, and included blackout shutters as the first layer — since I am not a morning person — and beautiful drapes which hid the shutter frames. I learned my lesson, quality is really worth paying for. If you need custom window treatments in Miami, please don’t settle the cheapest ones. Google some window treatments companies and shop a little. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money, the difference in quality and aesthetic value is huge.

Forget the Kitchen! Modern women want closet space.

Custom Closets in Miami

Hey Traveler, Jennifer here. Thank for stopping by. We’ve all heard time and again that women only care about the kitchen when it comes to choosing a house. Not true! I say modern woman like myself prefer large and luxurious custom closets. As hard as it may be for some men to understand, today’s women don’t spend nearly as much time in the kitchen as our contemporaries used. Women like me have jobs and responsibilities, and honestly, don’t have time to be cooking huge meals every day. What I do care about is my style. Until last year, my closet was overflowing with shoes and clothes, hundreds of garments in my tiny closet. Meanwhile, my kitchen had ample space an nothing occupying it.

I searched the web for custom closets in Miami, and I came across a closet manufacturer which I hired. They came to my house and measured my closet space. It turns out, it wasn’t as small as I though, it just lacked structure. So I helped them design a home for my clothes, including drawers, shelves, and even an awesome shoe rack. Now, I am a happy camper. All my clothes fit nicely and I am able to find my way through my closet much easily.

When I decide to put my house up for sale, I am sure my new custom closets will add value to the price of my home. If you, like me, want more space for your clothes, get a quote from this closet company in Miami. Also, if you want to make a case with your husband as why you need a closet and not a kitchen, tell them to talk to me. Until next time.