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Englisch Lernen mit Spaß und Erfolg 5klasse - index

Verschiedene Online Übungen - Grundschule und 5.Klasse / Mixed Online Exercises - primary school and 5th year

Englisch Lernen mit Spaß und Erfolg passiv - index

Englisch Lernen mit Übungen, Hörübungen und Arbeitsblätter und das alles von einer gebürtigen Engländerin

Going To - Negative

Going To - Negative Complete the following sentences using the negative of going to. Don't forget to use the short form.

Engelsksidene - prepositions

OPPGAVER M/ THERE IS-THERE ARE. - There is - there are? - There is / There are; Adele's Corner - There is/There are; English ...

gymnasium englisch exercises -

numbers, date, time . numbers - Theorie . ...

Pronunciation - ESL Resources

Limericks( Pronunciation exercises on the schwa sound and the tonic accent (Speaker with a British accent)

Emotions - ESL Resources

Flashcards and Posters : Feelings ( - More here; Emotions ( Emotions - Flashcards : Embarrassed, scared, shy ...

Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students (English Tests)

Study English with Quizzes and Tests designed for students of English as a second language.

Bonfire Night - Guy Fawkes'Day - ESL Resources

David Cameron effigy burns at Lewes bonfire night – video - 6 November 2015 "Thousands of people gather in Lewes, East Sussex, for the annual bonfire ...

Descriptions : People - Animals - Monsters - Things ...

What do our possessions say about us? – in pictures ( Sakura and Kazuhiro, Tokyo, 2015 "Kazuhiro is a tattoo artist and Sakura is a ...